Templates / Specifications

All supplied artwork is required in .EPS format with text to curves.

If the designer is using a Macintosh system then extensions (.EPS) need to be present on file along with an 8bit tiff preview and saved for PC.

Images to be output for large format digital prints must be at least 300DPI resolution and no smaller than 25% of the finished size. (40mg-60mg file)

eg. A3 size at 300DPI will print well to about 1200mm x 900mm.

NOTE: All digital print work must be CMYK colour format for colours will wash out if supplied in RGB.

PDF files are only excepted if they are for large format digital prints and also need to be – CMYK colour format, 8bit tiff preview, PC format with all text converted to curves.

Below are some templates which conform to the specifications that we require.


Business Cards

File Instructions

DL Marketing Cards

File Instructions

Flying Banner – 2 Metre

File Instructions

Flying Banner – 3 Metre

File Instructions

Flying Banner – 4 Metre

File Instructions

Pull Up Banner – 1000mm wide

File Instructions

Pull Up Banner – 850mm wide

File Instructions

Stubbie Coolers

File Instructions