The Crew

Brad (young) – A.K.A. – “Zeckowski”

"Young Brad" is a signwriter by trade, but has been trained more into the digital era of the industry. With 17 years experience under his belt, he can take you through every part of your project, from concept to final production.

Joanne – A.K.A – “Bird”

"The Wrap Queen" has a funny accent, but is a designing machine. Jo can effortlessly take whatever concept is in your mind and turn it into real life. She is a brilliant artist and has a twisted sense of humour and like Nik, doesn't take any crap from the boys.

Markus – A.K.A. – “the Hairy Towball”

Markus is our paint guru. He is the human Pantone book and can eye match any colour you need. He has been in the trade since Jesus played halfback for the Jerusalim Jets. A mad Holden fan and good bloke to have a beer with.

Nikky – A.K.A – “Nickalite”

The "Jill of all trades", Nik can do anything the boys can, and likes letting them know it. She knows how to have a laugh and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty which makes herĀ  a valuable asset to the team.

Nyla – A.K.A. – “Nyly Bum”

"Nyly Bum" is SignCity's first apprentice and a never ending sponge when it comes to learning. She is extremely organised and fussy with her work. Winning apprentice of the year in her first season at trade school shows why this young lady will go a long way in anything she puts her mind to. Nyla is a mad petrol head and fitness freak and loves to travel. She also makes a wicked cheesecake!

Old Brad – A.K.A. – “Fish”

"Old Brad" is our resident brush swinger from the old school. Posessing 25+ years of experience, he has also mastered the new age of the sign industry and can do anything you can throw at him. He doesn't mind a beer either!

The Old Man

His identity and qualifications must remain confidential as a matter of national security.

The Temp Crew – Danni Girl

Our favourite Victorian in the whole wide world. Danni Girl worked for us for a while and still visits randomly when she's cruising through. Darwin's heat was a bit too much for the flouro legged Melbournian and she was a favorite for the midgees up here but she battled on and definately made an impact on all of us here at SignCity. Hope to see her back one day!

The Temp Crew – Jacko

Scoty J doesn't work for us anymore, but he is still part of the family and visits when he's in town. Always willing to lend a hand, Jacko and young Brad have been mates since school.